Sunday, 27 October 2013

Let's Go On a Signing Tour!

Signing pen? Check. Husband-slash-roadie? Check. Chocolate? Check.


The #ILoveAngelTrilogy tour kicked off yesterday: a whirlwind signing tour of seven UK cities. Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Southampton and London. Whee!

A lot of you have asked if I'll be visiting your city or country this time around. I am, genuinely, so honoured when people enjoy reading my books and want to meet me, and I wish this could be a world-wide tour and that I could meet every single one of you. But I wouldn't get much writing done if that were the case. Cat-boy would be annoyed, and we don't want to annoy Cat-boy. So, for now, this is the extent of the tour. If I don't meet you this time, then fingers tightly crossed for the next!

Yesterday my husband and I loaded up our trusty Citroen, waved goodbye to the cat, and hit the road. First stop: Birmingham!

We got to the High Street Waterstones a little early and dropped off the splendiferous Angel banner (yes, the same one that lives in my office and that Usborne is never getting back). We went to have a coffee (you may have noticed coffee being a theme in these posts), and when we got back to the shop my husband was VERY smug to find out that not one, not two, but three different Waterstones employees had tried and failed to put up the banner. This then allowed him to step in, put it up in seconds, and say, "But it's easy."

I'm convinced he's sabotaged it. This is the same man, remember, who nicked my VIP pass.

(Actually, he's lovely and buys me chocolate. Not to mention that he wears special angel wing cufflinks whenever he comes along to events with me, so he's allowed a bit of smugness over his banner-putting-up abilities.)

The signing was wonderful - sorry to go all gushy here, but it just was. The fear is always that no one will show up, and you'll be stuck there at your table smiling hopefully at passers-by who are thinking, "Who is that strange woman? Why is she smiling at me in that slightly deranged way?" Well, this definitely did not happen in Birmingham. We had a really great crowd, and it was just a joy. AND! Birmingham turns out to be a hotbed of Seb-love! I met SO many members of Team Seb there, which made me very happy because I have a real soft spot for him myself.

So, THANK YOU BIRMINGHAM for everything! You guys rock!

Then we headed on to Chester to our friends Mike and Sue's where we stayed last night, to drink lots of wine and catch up. Mike sees my husband fairly regularly because they're both sad D&D geeks and have a game going (I too am a sad D&D geek, or at least I used to be, so I can say such things), but neither Mike nor Sue had seen me in years and were starting to think my husband had buried me under the patio.

I am happy to say this is not the case, though doubtless he's been tempted over the years.

Then this morning, off to Manchester to the Waterstones at Arndale Centre. We were so early this time that Waterstones hadn't even opened yet, but I was thrilled to see a few people already queueing outside it, HOLDING COPIES OF ANGEL! Hurrah! I wouldn't have to subject random strangers to my who-is-that-deranged-woman smile! (Seriously, it was a really lovely moment - thank you, girls, for caring so much about the series. You made my day!)

Once the signing started I was thrilled and touched by how many people turned up, especially in the rain. And if Birmingham was the home of Seb-love, then Manchester was the home of aspiring writers. I had so many conversations with passionate young writers during the signing, and if you're another one reading this blog, here's my advice in a nutshell: write what you love, and keep trying.

So, THANK YOU, Manchester! Another fab signing - it was wonderful meeting all of you!

Confession time: after the Birmingham signing, I couldn't resist buying Goth Girl by Chris Riddell. Today, after the Manchester signing, I couldn't resist buying two graphic novels by the wonderful Posy Simmonds.

There are six more bookstores ahead. This may turn out to be a expensive tour.

Anyway, tonight we're staying at a hotel called The Mere, WHICH HAS MEERKATS! Look what was on our bed!

I may die of cuteness. I NEED one of these in my life. I'd carry it around with me at all times and Warn People Off.

We've still got almost a week of events happening, but if you live in the UK, you'll know that a major storm is currently on its way. I'm not sure how we always manage to be on the road at times like this. Remind me to tell you sometime about when my husband and I were in the US doing research for Fever, and since we don't watch much TV, we literally had NO idea that Hurricane Sandy was about to hit Manhattan. Guess where we were heading to? 

Anyway, this may not have been the best week ever to schedule a tour, but it's been amazing fun so far, and however many of you are able to make it out over the next few days, I'll love to meet you!

I'll be tweeting about the tour all week, so keep an eye on my twitter feed: @LA_Weatherly, #ILoveAngelTrilogy.

Meanwhile, the meerkat and I are savouring a very nice glass of red and enjoying life rather hugely. 



  1. I was there in Manchester! Thank you for the advice about publishing houses and getting an agent! :)

    1. No problem! It was great to meet you - glad you could come along! :D