Sunday, 24 November 2013

Angel Fever's Big US Book Birthday Giveaway!

EDITED TO ADD: Entries for the giveaway are now closed. I'll be posting the winners soon!

In less than 48 hours, Angel Fever will hit the shelves in the US. I am EXCITED. This book (this series, in fact) has been a long, rewarding road...and to finally come to the end of it is an amazing feeling.

Before we go any further: LOOK! LOOK AT THE PRETTY COVER!

Isn't it stunning? I've got a big, glorious pile of Fever hardbacks in my office, and every time I pass by I want to pick one up and stroke it. (It's eminently strokable, by the way, with those oh-so-tactile embossed bits.) This is just a gorgeous-looking book, and I hope -- hope, hope -- that the story within its covers is one that its new US readers will love as much as I do.

Here's the opening:

“Hold still,” said Alex.
      “I can’t!” Willow gasped. She was leaning over the stream, her long blonde hair a slithering mass of shampoo. She shrieked, half-laughing, as Alex poured a canful of water over it. “Oh! That is so cold!”
      Alex started laughing too. “You’re the one who wanted to wash it.”
      “I had to; it was getting disgusting…is all the shampoo out?”
      He grinned as he scooped more chilly water from the stream. “Nope. Not even close.”

As Alex woke up Willow’s laughter faded into silence.
There was no stream, no ramshackle cabin nearby. He was lying in a sleeping bag in a tent, its nylon walls a deep blue in the pre-dawn light. Even Willow was different. The girl asleep in his arms had short red-gold hair now; it framed her face in untidy spikes.
        A dream. Alex smiled as he stretched, remembering that day up at the cabin – and then everything came slamming back and his smile vanished. Christ, no wonder he’d been dreaming about the cabin: back then, their biggest problem had been hiding out from the Church of Angels. Now…Alex let out a breath and rubbed his temples with one hand.
Now things were a little different.

Angel Fever wasn't always an easy book to write. I thought I knew exactly what would happen in it. I was wrong. The best-laid plans, and all that. It turned out that my three main characters did not, would not, react the way that I needed them to. I got to a certain point in the story, and it was like all three of them stopped and stared at me and said, "No way."

I mean, you know how stubborn Alex is. And Willow too, in her gentle fashion. And Seb, come to that. So now picture ALL THREE of them refusing point-blank to do something.

Yeah. It was like that.

So I had to go back to the drawing board. Really listen to my characters this time. The story that emerged was very different from how I'd imagined -- and much stronger. It's hard to have favourites of your own books; they're each such an investment in time and emotion. But you know, I think Angel Fever might be my favourite of the trilogy. It has a lot of darkness, a lot of difficult emotions...but ultimately, I hope it's a story readers will rejoice in. I've loved writing it, despite how not-easy it sometimes was.

And now that it's almost out in the US, I'm holding a giveaway to say thank you to all my readers. Your passion for this series means more than I can say. For those of you who have been waiting impatiently for Angel Fever -- thank you SO MUCH. I hope it's worth the wait!

Ready? Let's celebrate! *dances around the room* (Seriously. I just did that. I may have frightened the cat.)

Here's the deal: I've got seven gorgeous hardback US copies of Angel Fever to give away, which I'll personally sign for the winners. I'm also giving away Angel Fire pendants, an Angel Burn tote bag or two and UK Angel Fire badges. I'll be giving away TWENTY prizes altogether. This is a worldwide giveaway -- you don't have to live in the US!

How do you enter for the drawing? Easy. Just leave a comment on this blog post and tell me your favourite moment from the series so far. If you haven't read it, tell me what you're looking forward to! (And if you've already read Fever, tell me a favourite moment from the first two books, to avoid spoilers.)

IMPORTANT! Include your Twitter address in your comment, so I can let you know if you've won. If you don't have a Twitter account, just drop me a line through the 'contact me' page on my website (be sure to include your email address), and let me know which comment is yours.

That's it! The giveaway's open for a week. I'll draw names from a hat for the winners, and announce them here next Sunday the 1st December. Good luck, everyone!

Oh, and by the way: the giveaway is only the start of the celebration. From November 26th to December 9th, the fabulous Jean Book Nerd is hosting an Angel Fever blog tour. It will be AWESOME. Thanks, Jean...and thanks again to all of you.  

All together now, let's sing:

Happy book birthday to you
Happy book birthday to you
Happy book birthday, Angel Fever
Happy book birthday to yoouuuu!

EDITED TO ADD: A few people have apparently had difficulty posting a comment. If you post a comment and it doesn't appear soon, it might be because I just haven't seen it yet to publish it (all comments are moderated on this blog). But if it seems like your comment really isn't it making it up there, you can tweet it to me on @LA_Weatherly, or else leave it on my FB author page. Good luck!


  1. I have an ARC of Angel Fever (It's SO good)! My favorite moment in the series was probably at the beginning when Willow first met Alex! My twitter is @Tween2TeenBooks

  2. Im in Ireland so was lucky enough to have read Angel Fever already. Such a brilliant end to a brilliant series. Its hard to pick out one single moment but I do love the moment when Willow and Alex meet. Also when they are in the cabin hiding out. I loved how deep their relationship got there. I loved when Willow met Seb too. Even though Alex is perfect for her Seb is an awesome character. I could name many many more but wont. Thanks for the chance. My twitter is

  3. I have already read Angel Fever and really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the roller coaster ride the book took me on (don't want to give any specifics as they would be major spoilers).

    I don't want to take a copy of Angel Fever away from someone who doesn't have a copy. But I would die for an Angel Fire pendants or an Angel Burn tote bag. Thank you so much!


  4. Hi Lee!

    I'm looking so much forward to see how Willows story ends! She's such a fab character and you can really feel everything she goes though in her life! I'd love her as my friend! If she was real. x

    Laura Harrison @Pheebs22_ on Twitter

  5. oh man i have read angel fever .. well my favourite moment is when willow plays mechanic that is so so so cool and sexy as hell .... i also adores willow and alex relationship ... you know one time a friend called me an angel and i was like don't . ever . calll . me . that .. oh well i hope i get those pendants they would be in my collecton or more would be made so that they can be on sale
    twitter --> @singhsaumya97

  6. Oh Gosh. I read Angel Burn sooo long ago... My favorite part would have to have been when Alex and Willow meet. I have a thing for bad boys who aren't really bad, and I love seeing them with a character who makes them scratch their head, like Willow does to him.


  7. Thanks for the entries so far, everyone! I'm also posting this comment from Suna which arrived through my website, just to keep everything in one place. :D

    Hi! My favourite part in the Angel trilogy is in the very first book when we find out how Alex's brother died. It broke my heart and I felt so extremely bad for Alex. To watch what had happened and know there was nothing that he could do to stop it. It pulled at my heart strings and I had to put the book down so I could cry before I started it again.

  8. I've been waiting so long for Angel Fever and now it's finally coming! *SQUEEE* My favourite scene so far... goodness that's hard. Can I just say anything between Alex and Willow? Those two are so ridiculously cute, it's hard to take sometimes. I am twitterless (is that even a word?) at the moment so I'm going to go send an email from the contact me right now.

  9. Angel series is on my to-read list! The main character has a car hobby after all, just like me, so I need to read it ;D
    Happy Birthday to you!!

  10. ¡hola! My favourite part so far would have to be the first time Willow and Alex kissed. They both had had a unreliable past were people were always leaving them, and they had to do everything on their own. So, when they both felt the same way about each other, it showed the other one that they cared about them and they could be trusted. It made me jump out of my chair, giggle like a little girl, cry and I almost gave my cat a heart attack. To see it happen filled me with warmth. I actually had to close the book for a moment to collect myself.


  11. Favourite moment...when Alex sees Willow asleep on the couch for the first time. Because that was the start of everything, wasn't it? :')

  12. I have only read book one in the series, Angel, and my favorite part is Willow and Alex meeting for the first time ^_^
    thank you for the giveaway

  13. Just one? Hmm. I'm not sure this is my favorite exactly, but is certainly stuck with me to this day. When Seb and Willow overlook the ruins of DF (a city I know and love) and see all the devastation, that really got to me. And I can't wait to read the last book!

  14. Molly and Ewelina, thank you for your comments! I haven't published them because they're a tiny bit spoiler-y about Angel Fever, but I loved reading them. I've entered you both in the drawing. Good luck! :)

    (And Molly, I need your Twitter address, or else please drop me a line through my website's 'contact me' page!)

  15. My favorite part was in Angel Fire when I found out for sure that Willow wasn't the cause of Alex getting those headaches and the fact they stayed together :)

  16. I've never read this series but I've heard great things about it. I'm excited about all of the romance, all of the little excerpts I've read have some pretty hot scenes. ;)


  17. I love the moments where Alex is discovering how Willow isn't a threat and slowly begins to fall in love with her--and the beautiful drama of how she thinks he hates her, when really he doesn't. I love pretty much all the dramatic incidents~<3

  18. A comment from @meg_louiise via Twitter: Okay; my favourite part is when Alex and willow are staying in the cabin and find out how they each feel for each other ;)

  19. So many favourite moments to choose from! They all involve Alex, ha. I think I'll pick Willow and Alex's first kiss in the cabin, because when they finally kissed, I was like, OMG FINALLY! The nearly combustible tension between them was driving me crazy and I couldn't wait for them to kiss already! And when they finally did. It was perfect, and worth the wait. It made me swoon so much. *sigh*

    I know I've already read AF2, but I want that pretty hardback to match my other two hardbacks. :P

    May the odds be ever in your favour!

    My twitter handle: @indigostar_

  20. I have not read them yet but I'm very excited to I have heard so many good things from youtube book bloggers an others about this series everyone says it's excellent an I love the covers =) @fuze83 on Twitter

  21. Aw, so many great favourite moments! :D I'm loving everyone's comments. Keep them coming!

  22. I haven't gotten to reading the series yet because I like to wait until the last book is in my hands. I did read the first two chapters though, and I liked what I read. I can't wait for Angel Fever to hit the bookstore so I can finally read the trilogy :).


  23. It is hard for me to pick a favourite part in this series because it was all so amazingly beautiful! But if i need to pick a favourite part it would be in Angel Burn, the car ride after Willow and Alex escape the church of angels and Willow is all pissy but i realized that she liked Alex from the begining and i fangirled so hard when they accuallu did get together in the cabin. And also when Alex picked out the necklace he gave Willow even though before then i realized that Alex also liked Willow. But the books are just so amazing, they never have a dull moment.

  24. Another comment that came via my website! Would whoever wrote this write to me again, and let me know your email address? I'll have no way to contact you if you win otherwise. Thanks!

    "Hi I don't have a twitter so I just wanted to tell you that my favorite part was when Alex and Willow were escaping the church in the beginning of Angel Burn.
    Can't wait to read your book!"

  25. I love the moment when Willow goes back to Alex after all of the heartbreak in Angel Fire. So many tears, Congratulations on all of your success!

  26. This is really difficult since I have endless favorite moments throughout the series!

    If I had to pick one then it probably had to be the moment in ANGEL when Willow is in her Angel self and decides to protect Alex from an attacking Angel, instead of protecting her physical form. It was such a heart-throbbing moment and made me feel very emotional! It just showed just how much she was in love with Alex even though they yet to confess their feelings to each other which really got to me. I felt really connected with Willow when reading that part as I would probably have done the same. It was so beautiful!

    Second would probably be their first kiss. Waiting for the moment they finally confessed their feelings to each other nearly killed me! The suspense was agonizing but very worth it in the end! Your books are filled with so much action, thrill and romance and all so beautifully written. Your talent cannot be outmatched! :D

    Twitter - @Saally94 (hi again!)

  27. Tough choice but when Willow and Alex first meet at the church in the beginning of Angel and they're both so stereotypical of each other and then they realise how wrong they are, the suspense killed me because something could of went horribly wrong but it was just so perfect! It was perfectly written :) @BookPlotted

  28. My Favorite moment is when Alex is helping Willow get the glass out of her hair in angel burn it is just one of those moments that just makes my heart melt @Fearlessgirl08

  29. An entry via Twitter from ‏@awesome_khae

    @LA_Weatherly for Angel fav partS (ive got 2) are 1.when alex realized that he fell inlove with willow.. It's a love story...2/6

  30. My favourite part from the trilogy is in Angel when Willow and Alex are in the cabin <3 Just alone... I loved their chemistry then ^-^

    - @sam_soar

  31. I'm in love with this trilogy. I have a fever for Angel Fever for quite a while now ;)
    My favorite scene is from Angel Fire when Alex and Willow helped the AKs they were looking for. Willow saved Liz while Alex defeated all three angels. It was one of the moments that lead to Willow eventually being trusted by the other AKs.
    Can't wait to read Angel Fever!

  32. Another comment via Twitter, from ‏@morgan9724:

    My favorite part is so incredibly difficult to choose...but I would have to say either when Willow first protects Alex with her angel (I freaked out then lol :P ) or when Alex gets the necklace for Willow that reminds him of her.

  33. I have waited a year for this book (actually since I live in the US, I think it's been more than a year. Hasn't it? Or maybe that's just me...)

    My favorite part from the series would probably have to be in Angel Fire. After Seb and Willow had broken into that office. And found the information about the stairway. And something had happened to make them run to where Seb used to live. And then they kissed.

    That would be my favorite part. Actually, I think all the parts where Willow and Seb were alone, are my favorite. :)

    1. Hi Alison, thanks for this! I've received your contact details. (A member of Team Seb, yay!) ;)

  34. I absolutely love these books - TEAM ALEX all the way... although Seb is adorable. Every moment is amazing and makes me want to laugh, cry and ahh all at the same time! I think my favourite though is at the end of Angel, where Willow asks Alex how to say "you make me incredibly happy and all I want is to be with you for the rest of my life" in Spanish. Alex's simple reply of "te amo" is just perfect and has to be the most beautiful ending to a book ever written! Have to read those lines so many times every time I finish the book. My twitter is @ChloeJ1111 - will be keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed!! ;)

  35. It is so hard for me to think of just one moment that is my favorite out of the series, but I would have to say it was the time that Alex and Willow spent at the cabin in the mountains. I found that section so sweet plus it was when I began to see them develop into such a perfect couple. I absolutely love the series and recommend it to anyone I can.
    I do not have twitter, but my facbook account is:
    And my email is

  36. It's hard to pick one moment that was my favourite but I would have to choose the moment at the end of Angel Fire when Willow and Alex ask Seb to read Alex's hand and Seb does the most unselfish thing ever and says "you should take the chance and be happy with him". It's that unselfish act that I love and that gives Willow and Alex the opportunity to be together again.
    My twitter account is @KellyDawe85

  37. I think the thing I really loved in the books was when Willow finally realized who she was. It was so shocking to her, and she had to run with this guy she never knew, but she took it all in stride, and tried her best to survive, while still being wary. I think Willow grew and showed some of her real colors in Angel Burn, and I loved to see more sides of her, I loved learning more about who Willow and Alex are as people, and how they work with each other too. I guess maybe not so much moments exactly, as points :) twitter is @bannedfromperu :D

  38. Another entry via Twitter, from @Emwatkins: I like the moment when Willow's angel first saved Alex in an angel fight. Romance and action in the same time!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. One of my favorite moments was when Willow told Alex she had been with Seb near the end of Angel Fire. That whole scene was just so heartbreaking and it made me want this book like now! I'll admit I'm a little nervous (but very excited) to finish off this amazing series!
    My twitter is @fabiolarosa98

  41. I've only read the first book, so my favourite moment was when Alex realised he really loved Willow even thought they had a fight. My Twitter handle is @gohsherlyn.

  42. Another comment via Twitter from @AniaTyl

    Favourite part : When Alex and Willow watched the stars in book one :)

  43. Another comment via Twitter from @lilalicee

    my fav moment is when Seb and Willow first meet. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers for Angel Fever.

  44. My favorite part is when Alex wills Willow to take his aura and wake up. The way that is described is just amazing.
    My twitter account is @spoorthy23

  45. After umming and awwing all week and rereading parts of book 1 and 2, my favourite part is when Seb meets Willow for the first time and reveals what he is. Seb's one of my favourite characters <3 (and I Iike him even more in Angel Fever - still Team Alex though) ;)
    My twitter is @eleanorford

  46. There were so many beautiful moments in books one and two. I loved when Alex started to see Willow as a person. Recognizing his feelings for her. I loved the diner scene when Willow walks over to the woman and reads her thoughts. How she comforts her and then how Alex sees this reflects over this kindness. I loved how Willow stopped her from killing herself and told her she had a better life ahead. My twitter is @cloudninegirl1

  47. A comment through my website:

    \"I\'m so excited for Angel Fever to finally come out. I originally thought it was coming out on the 12th of November and was so disappointed to find out I had to wait two more weeks but it\'s finally here. It\'s so hard to pick one part but I\'m going to say in the first book when Willow and Alex are staying in the cabin and Willow tries to connect with her angel for the first time.\"

  48. A comment via my Facebook page: Allie Liang I couldn't post a comment on the blog so here's my entry From Angel Burn, my favorite passage is from Jonah's perspective. Willow and Alex just got out of the church and are escaping. Jonah sees Alex help Willow onto the motorcycle, asks her something, and kisses her abruptly. That passage was really sweet

  49. I have not read it yet. But it is on my TBR list :) I'm most definitely looking forward to some very funny and sweet heart-thumping moments from the characters; the ones that just suddenly make you smile, laugh out loud or make you "awwww" while reading.

    Happy book birthday! And thanks for the giveaway. :)

    Twitter: @callmeteepee