Sunday, 3 November 2013

On The Road Again: Signing Tour, Part 2!

Well, the #ILoveAngelTrilogy tour has now come to an end...and this past week has been a whirlwind.

Since my last blog post, my husband and I have been to signing events in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Southampton, and London. We've met AMAZING people at every stop, and at each place my husband has smugly put up the Angel banner, knowing that he's the only one it will behave for.

This makes him very happy.

OK, I wrote that bit above in advance, because so help me, I thought it would be true...but then on the last day of the tour, the staff at the Finchley O2 Waterstones managed to put up the banner on their own. This is an utter first, and it stopped my husband in his tracks as we re-entered the store after grabbing a bite to eat.

"Oh," he said. "The banner's already up."

I comforted him with the thought that it had doubtless taken them ages filled with blood, sweat and tears. (Actually, it probably didn't. But it seemed to make him feel better.)

On to the tour highlights!

First, Urmston Bookshop in Manchester: a wonderful independent where they HAD CAKE. I also had the best cappuccino in the history of cappuccinos there; I was in heaven. And though it was definitely a morning to stay at home, to my delight people did brave the weather and drop by. Thank you, Urmston Bookshop, for hosting such a lovely event!

Next came a talk at the Liverpool1 Waterstones. It was the first speaking event I've done since Fever came out, and it was so much fun to be able to talk about the series in its entirety. I was scattering spoilers around like confetti, but nobody seemed to mind. The audience was wonderful and kept me going with pure Q&A for over an hour. You want hot topics? I got hot topics!

Foremost on everyone's mind was whether there'll be a film of the series. Needless to say, I WOULD LOVE THIS. The film rights have been optioned, and my understanding is that the producers are thinking more along the lines of a TV mini-series than a feature film. (I say 'my understanding' because it's a Hollywood law that the author's the last to know these things. No, seriously, it's an actual law. You can look it up.)

Anyway, it's extremely exciting, and much more hopeful than if the rights hadn't been optioned at all...but nothing is definite. Keep your fingers crossed. With luck, maybe we'll see Willow and Alex on the big (or small!) screen someday.

Next, people were keen to know what I'm writing now. As readers of this blog already know, I'm being very closed-lipped about this, because it hasn't been officially announced yet. But it's another big, epic thing (these seem to be where my heart lies, even though they make my brain contort like a game of mental Twister), and while it's not paranormal, I think fans of the Angel series will really enjoy it. Plus, I LOVE my new heroine.  A lot.

I was also asked about the genesis of Alex. It's been a fascinating process: he's been in my head as a character for over twenty years, and has changed so much during that time, though he's always remained Alex in his soul. So the answer to that one's going to be a separate blog post sometime soon -- Alex fans, keep an eye out!

Huge thanks to the Liverpool1 Waterstones and to everyone who came along. Such a great event!

The other signing stops were a blur of incredibly lovely people. I loved talking with all of you SO MUCH. Some moments especially stand out: a girl had done a gorgeous drawing of Willow that she wanted to share (you can check it out on my Facebook page). Another wore purple Converse sneakers like Willow's; I think she was a bit alarmed by how excited this made me! A girl who loved the series wanted a hug; a woman I've tweeted with brought specially-made angel cupcakes; another brought Lush bath goodies; a woman came and bought the whole series because her best friend had told her that she HAD TO READ THEM OR ELSE; someone brought chocolates and a beautiful card; an aspiring writer gave me a tiny angel pin that flashes on and off.

I was so touched by all of this...because it was about readers connecting with the series. So much of writing is just time spent alone with your characters. You don't, at the time of writing, particularly think about how your words are going to affect others; you just tell the story as honestly as you can.

So to have so many of you tell me that you love the series, that they're your favourite books ever, that they made you laugh and cry and that you love the characters as much as I do, is just an incredible experience.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who came to one of the signings, and thank you to everyone who's reading about them on this blog now. It was an awesome tour -- and if I didn't meet you this time, I'll hope to meet you during the next one!

Oh: and the meerkat came home with us. He insisted.

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